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Finding your domain is the first step to setting up your web presence. there are many domain extensions ,like .com, .org,.co.uk see  otherexamples here .  You are in the best position to decide which extension best describes your businesses and brands.

Now that you have an idea of what a domain stands for, where can you get your domains at the possible cheapest  prices?

At hostpaddy.com we offer you all the top level domains (TLDs) at the cheapest prices you can find around. aside the purchase prices, we also

  1. offer discount for domain purchases with payments up to two years
  2. give free domains for our Reseller hosting  plans
  3. Do frequent promos where we offer as much as 80% discount for domains. (be sure to subscribe to our notifications to get updates of our latest promos before they expire)

Domain transfer

our domain transfer prices is one of the cheapest out there, and our technical team ensures that the transfer is done seamlessly without affecting your site, all at a very cheap price, plus an additional year renewal for your domain.

why not try hostpaddy today for your domains :-)))

click here to begin your domain search

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Starting a web Hosting Business - HostPaddy.com · June 27, 2018 at 2:37 pm

[…] endears your business to your prospective customers. there are many domain extensions see examples here You are in the best position to decide which extension is more suitable for your businesses and […]

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