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It is quite obvious that the web hosting business has become  a goldmine. Everyone wants to have a website, and no website can go without a host. despite the fact that there are free hosting solutions, the fact still remains that the need would arise one day for a a self-hosted, self-manged hosting.

If you have been wondering how you can start your own hosting company , you are not alone.

First step 

Take a market survey. Is websites and web business rampant in your place?

Can you find clients enough to patronise your Hosting company

Second Step

FInd a hosting plan with good reseller hosting  plans that would suit your budget.Note that you would be required to renew your payment every year or any other renewal cycle.

As a starter it would not be wise to go grab the biggest reseller plans with unlimited features when you do not have assurance of patronage.

At Hostpaddy, we have different Reseller hosting plans  which are tailored to suit your budget and grow with your hosting business. With each reseller hosting plan comes a free domain name to reduce your expenses as a beginner. we also offer free SSL, Site builders and many more features to make sure that your hosting business succeeds. there are other big hosts around, like Hostgator, Inmotion hosting and others. But we can only speak for our selves.

Third Step

Get a good domain name. Your domain name is your identity. that is the first thing that endears your business to your prospective customers. there are many domain extensions see examples here You are in the best position to decide which extension is more suitable for your businesses and brands. Generally, the .com domain extension is the most widely used domain extension.

Step Four

Find a good team. To run a hosting company effectively, you need an active team. it’s not a one-man job. if you can not provide 24/7 support to your clients you stand to lose them as you should know that you’re not the only web host available. You certainly cannot be there always, you can’t know everything. having a team makes the running of your web hosting company easy.

Step 5 Purchase and set up your Reseller hosting account

Some hosting companies charge a set-up fee to help do the set up (for clients not very technically inclined) Sometimes it’s advised to let the hosting company do the setup for you, unless you’re very sure of what you’re doing. The slightest mistake can ruin your hardwork. at Hostpaddy.com we do the setup free for our clients that purchase any of our packages. This is to save cost, and avoid prevent avoidable errors that could ruin the setup process, and in effect waste of time and resources.

Step 6 never hesitate to ask for help!

Hosting company means you have other people’s businesses and websites hosted on your server. asking for help would never cost you anything. Any single mistake could lead to misconfiguration and loss of clients’ resources. You know what that can do to your reputation as a business man/.woman. It’s advisable to keep a back-up before doing any major operations on the server. so that errors can be undone , by virtue of the backup.

We hope that you find this useful insetting up a hosting business of your own. cheers!

At HostPaddy, we help you develop your dreams and ideas, and help you make them reach the promised Land. It’s all about you At hostpaddy.com



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