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  Since blogging became popular, a lot of people are going into it in the hopes of making a lot of money from it. Some people think you just open a blog and the cash starts rolling in but it’s actually not as easy as it looks. Making money blogging requires intensive hardwork and determination and this is the story of how I made money from my blog.

  When I decided to open a blog back in 2015, I did a lot of research. I was looking for a subject for my blog. I moved from one website to another, looking for topics that people were interested in finally I found one and I started my blog. Next came the advertising stage. A friend of mine who knew about blogging told me the relevance of creating traffic on my site so I knew that the future of my blog depended on how well I advertised my blog to get people to read it. Right now, my blog has a twitter account and a facebook page. I picked these two because I was already familiar with them and a lot of people use them so if I could do my work well I would reach a lot of people. I created a facebook page, joined various facebook groups and began sharing my page to all of them. I also dabbled in facebook advert for some time anything that will get people to see my work. Each time I made a post on my blog I shared it on my timeline and to all the group’s I had joined. I got my friends and family members to tweet about my blog and also share my page on facebook. Slowly the number of people who read my blog increased and by the end of a year I had three thousand page likes on facebook and one thousand on twitter. It doesn’t matter how many social media accounts you have, it’s how well you use them. If you cannot handle so much accounts then pick the ones you are good with and concentrate on them.

  Once a lot of people started visiting my blog, I knew it was time to make money. I started by entering affiliate programs. I pasted the links on my blog so each time someone clicks the link on a referral is successful I get paid. I also signed up for google Adsense. I did adverts for companies, websites and businesses but do not over do the advert. Do not cover the whole of your blog with adverts. Most people don’t like so much advert in blog so be moderate. You can have like one two advert per posts. I created premium content on my blog so only members could read and these members made a recurring amount of money that allowed them have access to these contests.

  It wasn’t easy but today I can boast of at least $800 per month from my blog and I have hopes that with more hardwork it will be more. So in conclusion all you need to gain from your blog is hardwork, determination and good advertising.

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